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For Climbing

We have carefully selected the best climbing shoes in terms of quality-price ratio. Ronimisministeerium is the only place in Estonia you can find Scarpa and Mad Rock shoes!


The slacklines on sale at Ronimisministeerium are tested and approved by the best Estonian slackline dudes, which means that they are fantastic also for performing jumps and tricks (25 + 2 m 49 €, 30 + 2 m 59 €).

Besides leg and core muscles training a slackline will improve your concentration. Walking a 10-15 m slackline, which at first might seem almost impossible, is fully doable for many already after 30-45 min of practice.

Magnesium (Mg) balls

Mg balls– 4€ & 6€

35g & 60g, colorful Mg balls.

Power ball


Power Ball (30 €) – a gyroscope based training tool which is capable of creating up to 16 kg force.
Power Ball gives workout not only to your arms, wrists and fingers but as well to your elbow and shoulder area. 

Health, recovery


Healing-spruce resin and calendula ointment
 (15€, refill 10€)

Natural spruce resin and calendula ointment is great aid for hard healing wounds, ulcers, cuts, cracked and injured skin. Treats skin infections, inflammations, burns, swellings, insect bites, rheumatism and muscle pains: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Speeds up blood circulation and lessens the pain.

Usage: 2-3 times a day at least 2-3 weeks.

INCI: Kuusevaik (spruce resign)*, saialille õied (calendula)*, varemerohu juur (Symphytum officinale)*, sheavõi (shea-butter), viinamarjaseemneõli (grape seed oil), mesilasvaha (beeswax)*. *Eesti mahepõllumajandus.

Everyday use- calendula and lavender oil salve
(15€, refill 10€)

Calendula and lavender salve is a quick absorption moisturizing and softening ointment for dry and cracked skin; suitable for hand, face and body care. Helps to improve scrapes and surface infections. Lavender adds soothing and antiseptic properties.

Keep in cool place.

INCI: Saialille õied (calendula)*, lavendli eeterlik õli (lavandula angustifolia), sheavõi (shea-butter), viinamarjaseemneõli (grape seed oil), mesilasvaha (beeswax)*. *Eesti mahepõllumajandus/Estonian national origin.



RONNI (10€, refill 6€) after climb balm exclusively manufactured for Ronimisministeerium from 100% local ingredients, handmade. This all-natural after climbing balm is perfect for dry and cracked skin on hands, lips, face, etc.
INCI: beeswax, linseed oil, calendula

NB! Calendula has medical remedies with effective wound healing, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Silver Clove- Choice for nature lovers!

Silver Clove (10 €) – medicated balm is made by blending natural essential oils used for the temporary relief of pain from muscular and joint aches, relieving headache, stiffness of the neck and shoulder area, sprains, contusion, bruises and sport injuries. Also soothing on insect bites and general itching. It is formulated to be strong so only little amount of the balm is needed to rub lightly into the affected area to provide hours of relief.

Let the nature do its job….and give your body a relax.

Clothes, accessories

Marmot and Mammut climbing clothes

We offer also special climbing/hiking clothes, for men and women, also some smaller sizes are good for children. Autumn is arriving, come and pick your waterproof pants and some goody good jackets.

Prices from 35€.

Come and try at Ronimisministeerium.
Whole selection you can find here.

“Your Climbing Engine” T-shirt

“Power heart” T-shirt (18 €) design is from Sandor Torn and Jaanus Sakkis cooperation, both being climbers and great designers. Shirt itself is quality material and we dare to say it will be a classic.

Hello from Rainbow!

Available colors: white, grey, khaki, light grey, yellow, purple, apple green, anthracite, army green.

Fruit Infuser- water bottle, 750 ml, BPA free.

Fruit infuser (12 €)– RonMin NEW über-cool water bottle ‘ make your own favourite taste’.

‘Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen.
Infuse your water with favourites. Don’t wait for it to become tasty.’