In addition to independent climbing we have instructor lead trainings.

Personal training / Sessions

Personal training / session helps you to develop faster. The content is tailored based on the participants. Suits to climbers who want to develop faster or whose development has reached a plateau.

  • The price list for sessions is HERE.

Trainings for children and beginners training for adults

You can get additional information about trainings from Elena Heinsalu 58647768 or [email protected] (mark “climbing” as topic).

Registration: (in Russian) or via email.



  • Trial class 15 euros
  • One time ticket 20 euros
  • Monthly pass 70 euros (4 times)
  • Monthly pass 130 euros (8 times)



  • Trial class 20 euros
  • Monthly pass once a week 80 euros (4 times)
  • Monthly pass twice a week 150 euros (8 times)

The price includes entrance fee, shoe rent and a small snack for children.
The program includes sport warm-up, games that develop important skills (balance, motor skills, coordination), competitions on the climbing wall and a lot of fun!
At the moment trainings usually take place in Russian, but it is possible to organise classes in Estonian, English or French.

Summer schedule (NB! 10.08-16.08 we are organising a residential summer camp and there are no regular trainings):


  • 17:30 teenagers
  • 19:00 adults


  • 16:00 kids 6-10 y.o.
  • 17:30 kids 3-6 y.o.


  • 16:00 teenagers
  • 18:00 kids 4-6 y.o.


  • 10:30 kids 3-5 y.o.


  • 10:30 kids 3-5 y.o.
  • 12:30 kids 5-9 y.o.
  • 14:00 kids 7-10 y.o. AT THE MOMENT THE GROUP IS EMPTY

    Trainers Elena and Liliana.