In addition to independent climbing we have instructor lead trainings.

Important notice! 

  1. Register your desired training with the instructor or contact Ronimisministeerium.
  2. Before coming confirm the time, i.e. check that the event is marked in the calendar.

Personal training / Sessions

Personal training / session helps you to develop faster. The content is tailored based on the participants. Suits to climbers who want to develop faster or whose development has reached a plateau.

  • The price list for sessions is HERE.

Trainings for kids

  • For additional information contact Elena Heinsalu 58647768 or [email protected] (as a title please write ronimine).
  • The program includes sport warm-up, games that develop important skills (balance, motor skills, coordination), competitions on the climbing wall and a lot of fun!
  • Trainer Elena Heinsalu, 8 years of experience working with children (teaching, training, entertaining).
  • At the moment the groups are in Estonian and Russian.
  • Training for 3-4.5 year olds
  • Training for 5-12 year olds
    • Friday 16.30-18.00 (max. 6 participants) and 18-19.30 (max. 3 participants)
    • Sunday 12-13.30 (max. 6 participants) and 13.45-15.15 (max. 6 participants)
    • Registration, password “koala”
  • Participation fee is handled directly with trainer.
  • In case of questions write to Elena at [email protected] As the subject please write ronimine to avoid your email ending in spam.

    [email protected] ning pange teemaks ronimine, et emaili ei jõuaks spammi.