In addition to independent climbing we organize instructor lead courses. A list of courses taking place in the nearest future you can find from Ronimisministeerium’s FB page under the events or from our calendar.


  1. Register by email, phone or directly at Ronimisministeerium.
  2. Confirm the time, i.e. check that the event is marked in the calendar.


– introduces the main principles of bouldering

3-day course, 1.5 h per session

BoulderingABC is intended principally to the beginners but it suits also to those who have had a break and wish to have a refresher. The course is carried out in a small group, which enables the participants to get immediate feedback on their climbing and with a little bit of luck you will find also climbing buddies to train with. Give you climbing career a positive beginning and gain the confidence to continue learning by yourself.

Check from our Facebook under Events when the next course is starting.

Price: 30 € – excludes entrance & shoe rental.

Belaying ABC – a 3-day course during which you will learn to use the different belay devices.

The three day belay training at Ronimisministeerium will give deeper knowledge about the different types of climbing and of the different belay techniques. During the first day belaying is carried out using grigri and on the second day using a shell type belay device. The training includes also learning the main knots. The third day is spent at the high climbing wall at Kristiine/Lasnamägi – more information during the training.

1 Day at RonMin; 2 & 3rd Day- Kristiine/Lasnamäe Kergejõustikuhall.

NEW course: … at 18.30-20.30 and … (Lasnamäe ) at 15:00; instructor – 

Price: 65€

*The training price includes entrance to Kristiine/Lasnamäe climbing wall.