We are open at Hipodroom… but the showers are still under construction.

Our products which were sold in Ronimisministeerium can be purchased and also rental climbing equipment is available.
Contact us via e-mail or write FB private message.

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun 9-21

  • You can access the gym until 21. When you leave is up to you.
  • You can climb as long as you want per visit.

Address: Hipodroomi tn 13, 10614 Tallinn

All upcoming information via Facebook  FB or Instagram.
Thank you!


Phone: +372 56 233 965
Skype: Ronimisministeerium (Ron Min)
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: #ronimisministeerium
FB: Facebook

Bank account:
Recipient: Mäehaigus MTÜ
Account no / IBAN: EE387700771003874630