We are partly open at Hipodroom – we do not have showers and payment is only in cash. Our products which were sold in Ronimisministeerium can be purchased and also rental climbing equipment is available.
Contact us via e-mail or write FB private message.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 17-21

Sat-Sun 12-21

Address: Hipodroomi tn 13, Tallinn

All upcoming information via Facebook  FB or Instagram.
Thank you!


Phone: +372 56 233 965 (plse be patient if the phone is off or we dont answer during few months :))
Skype: Ronimisministeerium (Ron Min)
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: #ronimisministeerium
FB: Facebook

Bank account:
Recipient: Ronimiskeskus OÜ
Account no: EE737700771001377511