Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book a time for a visit?

You do not have to inform us if you come by yourself or with your friends.

If you want to have instructor lead climbing, you have to agree the date and time with us before hand. Prices for instructor lead training you can find here.

Can beginners climb in Ministry of Climbing?

Of course! Ministry of Climbing is the first Estonian independent climbing center, offering sport entertainment for everyone – from children to pensioners. We have a wide range of climbing possibilities for beginners to advanced.

Bouldering can be started independently. The Ministry of Climbing organizes Bouldering ABC courses for beginners, at which our climbing space can be explored under the guidance of an instructor.  For more details find the upcoming/most recent course from our Facebook under Events.

Can Ministry of Climbing be visited alone, without partner?

Absolutely! Ministry of Climbing is built for bouldering, so the walls are limited to 4 m in height with a 30cm thick safety mattress at the base. Climbing alone is possible, but it won’t be long before making friends among those that are puzzling with same task.

Can children climb as well?

Yes, of course children are welcome to climb at Ronimisministeerium! We have a separate children’s wall where the distance between the holds is shorter.

One adult can bring along two under 12 year old children.

How young children have something to do at Ronimisministeerium?

Children in the age of 4-5 are already beasts on the wall, three year olds surprise their parents and the climber on this video is below 2.

The smallest climbing shoes we have are nr. 24.

Can I climb with a rope?

No. Ministry of Climbing is designed for bouldering, with ceiling height being 4m and a 30 cm thick safety mattress catching your fall. On our walls a rope is not required.

How should I dress?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes (stretchy). In the beginning there is the possibility of hitting ones knees, so it advisable to have pants which are below the knees.

What type of shoes are needed?

We have special shoes for climbing, with narrower nose and gripping sole. Climbing shoes can be rented from Ministry of Climbing. If you prefer to climb with your own indoor shoes, then tennis shoes (sneakers) are the best choice!

What kind of equipment is needed in the beginning?

For bouldering, a pair of climbing shoes (prices start from 40 €, rent 2 €) and, depending on the location, your own chalk bag (prices start from 15 €, rent 1 €). Alternatively liquid chalk (prices start from 11 €) can be used.

Can I organize an event at Ministry of Climbing?

Absolutely. For additional info see here.

The ordinary opening hours do not suite me, but I would like to come climbing. What to do?

With one of our Premium cards you can climb 24/7.

Can I prolong my membership card or take a pause when I get sick/injury?

10 x, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and yearly card owners have possibility, in case of illness or injury, to prolong their card by showing a doctor’s certificate, inability to exercise for at least two weeks. In case of the illness or injury preventing climbing for less than 2 weeks, we dont prolong the cards nor when notification is given when membership card is out of validation.

Additionally 3-, 6-month and yearly card holders (24/7 members) can take a training break. 3- month card owners can take 2 weeks, 6-month card owners can take 4 weeks and 12-month 8 weeks. If one wishes to use the training break in parts, the membership can be paused min. one week at a time.

If your card is temporary stopped (not active) and you wish to come to climb, normal entrance fees apply.